Susan Faulkner Weaver has been weaving for thirty years. She is a  
member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and The Central PA
Guild of Hand Weavers.  She conducts textile workshops, with a focus on
cultural textile history. While working as a Textile Educator at a PA
German Museum in Lancaster, PA, she began exploring historical tape
and looms. This led to several years of research into colonial tape
weaving, which led to the writing of her book on handwoven tape.
Narrow bands of woven tape were important to Americans in the
eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, before the days of
elastic and zippers.
This book is a fascinating American history of handwoven tape,
along with patterns and instructions, to continue tape weaving

Step-by-step instructions help you to set up a tape loom with warp
threads, and to weave your own tape.  You can use your tape in
the same practical ways our forefathers did...or create more
contemporary projects like key bands, USB drive tags and
decorative ribbons.
Recommended Reading
Available at many weaving stores, independent booksellers  and online.